Christians in Action
Christians in Action
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San Angelo, TX 76903
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Services We Provide

 Benevolence Office

Open Monday through Friday
from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00PM - 4:00 PM

Through our Benevolence program, Christians In Action provides several services to the community. Below you will find a complete description of the benefits we offer. Please stop by or schedule an appointment by calling Liz at 325-655-5127.

The basic need for shelter and a roof over one's head is vital to all of us! CIA is able to help certain persons and families in times when they simply don't have enough resources to pay the rent or mortgage. Local churches help us carry a large part of this burden, as we provide a portion of the need and send the client to visit our participating churches to help them with the remainder.
 In this way, our clients are able to meet others who are willing to help and show them God's love, while also giving them an opportunity to perhaps join themselves to a caring community of others.

One item that is not covered by most other services to the needy is clothing! One thing we have plenty to give is good pre-owned clothing. People from all walks of life, men women and children come to CIA when they are in desperate need of serviceable clothing for school, work or home.
     Clients who come to us with a specific demonstrated need for clothing are given a voucher for specified pieces of clothing (pants, dresses, shoes, shirts) and sent to one of our stores to receive free of charge the items they need.


Often in the Concho Valley region, there are occasions when due to flood, fire, natural disaster or just financial hardship, families find themselves in need of household furnishings. At Christians In Action we are prepared to provide to those demonstrating need, a wide variety of furniture items to help families and individuals start a new life or just make their present one a bit more live-able.

During the cold winters and hot summers we have in West Texas, we can't afford to leave our neighbors without power, water, and gas! Christians In Action is able to help selected clients with their utility bills on an emergency basis. All financial help is first verified then mailed to the utility in question in the form of a check made out to the provider of the services.
In this way through checks and balances we are able to continue to help the greatest number of people in true need.

Many times we at CIA are confronted with single moms trying to raise a family with no vehicle. Imagine what it would be like to have no way to get the kids to and from school or other appointments!

We also provide emergency transportation by bus or other mode of travel to people with a demonstrated need to make an appointment with a doctor in another area or other such emergency.